Wireless Earth Watchdogs

Microcontrollers - Big Data - Environmental Impact

Science classes from the Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences partnered with Hixson High School to build a real-time water quality monitoring network, using big data to effect environmental change. Lead by CSAS’s Davis Mounger and Ashley Patterson-Johnston and Joyce Purdue from Hixson, students designed, built and programmed buoys, monitoring devices and wireless sending-units to collect information from various locations within the North Chickamauga Creek watershed using SparkFun Electronics‘ microcontroller platform. The schools have been collaborating with Dr. Mark Schorr, a professor from the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at UTC, where their network is contributing to his decades-long project monitoring regional water pollution, providing streaming data where previously only annual or biannual samplings were practical. Originally funded during the second round of the Gigabit Community Fund, the class was so popular that Hixson has begun offering Wireless Earth Watchdogs as an extracurricular club – the original pilot students serve as mentors – as well as supporting a second semester of the course.

Partner Organizations:
Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences , Hixson High Schoool , University of Tennessee at Chattanooga , SparkFun Electronics

Project Tags:
Round II, Supplemental Round